Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-35

611. Who shifted the capital of Sirmour state from Rajban to Kalsi in 1217A.D. (now in Uttarakhand, Dehradun)?

  • a) Kaul Prakash
  • b) Balak Chand Prakash
  • c) Udit Prakash
  • d) Somar Prakash

612. Who made “Ratesh” the capital of Sirmour state, sometimes around 1240 A.D?

  • a) Kaul Prakash
  • b) Balak Chand Prakash
  • c) Udit Prakash
  • d) Somar Prakash

613. In which year Firoz Shah of Delhi made Sirmour the tributary of Delhi Sultanate?

614. Who built the fort of “Rawindgarh”?

  • a) Bir Prakash
  • b) Padam Prakash
  • c) Rattan Prakash
  • d) Brahm  Prakash

615. Name the Sirmouri Raja, who made “Kot and Gijari” in Ratesh pargana, his capital in 1440A.D.?

  • a) Bir Prakash
  • b) Rattan Prakash
  • c) Brahm Prakash
  • d) Padam Prakash

616. The capital of raja Budhi Prakash of Sirmour was at:

  • a) Kalsi
  • b) Rajpura
  • c) Rajban
  • d) Kot Deothal

617. Who founded the city and fort of Nahan in 1621 A.D.?

  • a) Ude Prakash
  • b) Budhi Prakash
  • c) Nahar Prakash
  • d) Karam Prakash

618. Which of the Sirmouri raja was the contemporary of Shahjahan, the Mughal emperor?

  • a) Karam Prakash
  • b) Dhram Prakash
  • c) Mandhata Prakash
  • d) Budhi Prakash

619. Aurangzeb conferred the territories of Kolankhar (modern Kolagadh near Dehradun) Kotaha and Sharanpur on a Sirmouri raja named:

  • a) Dharam Prakash
  • b) Garabh Prakash
  • c) Rattan Prakash
  • d) Subhagh Prakash

620. The battle of “Deshu Hill” took place between Bidhi Prakash of Sirmour and raja Rup Chand of:

  • a) Jubbal
  • b) Bilaspur
  • c) Keonthal
  • d) Kutlehar



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