Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-36

621. Guru Govind Singh visited Sirmour during the period of :

622. The battle of  “Bhangani” took place between Guru Govind Singh and the raja of _________.

623. The battle of “Katasan” took place between Gulam Qadir Rohilla and raja Jagat Prakash of:

624.The battle of “Chhalra and Bhalra” took place between the Dharam Prakash of Sirmour and ram Singh the ruler of:

625. The battle of “Chararatu” in 1796 took place beween Madan Chand of Bilaspur and:

626. Mehta Prem Singh wazir was in the state of:

627. Who built the “Jaitak fort” near Nahan in the end of 18th century?

628. Sirmour state from 1804-15 A.D. was under the control of:

629. Who built the “Sheesh Mahal” and “Moti Mahal” in Nahan in the first half of the 19th century?

630. Raja Samsher Prakash was the ruler of Sirmour, during 1857 revolt. What was his attitude towards this revolt:


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