Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-36

621. Guru Govind Singh visited Sirmour during the period of :

  • a) Medni Prakash
  • b) Jog Raj
  • c) Bhim Prakash
  • d) Budhi Prakash

622. The battle of  “Bhangani” took place between Guru Govind Singh and the raja of _________.

  • a) Kangra
  • b) Bushahr
  • c) Bilaspur
  • d) Jubbal

623. The battle of “Katasan” took place between Gulam Qadir Rohilla and raja Jagat Prakash of:

  • a) Bilaspur
  • b) Kutlehar
  • c) Sirmour
  • d) Jubbal

624.The battle of “Chhalra and Bhalra” took place between the Dharam Prakash of Sirmour and ram Singh the ruler of:

  • a) Bilaspur
  • b) Hindur
  • c) Jaswan
  • d) Bhagal

625. The battle of “Chararatu” in 1796 took place beween Madan Chand of Bilaspur and:

  • a) Dharam Prakash– Sirmour
  • b) Bijai Sen– Mandi
  • c) Sansar Chand–Kangra
  • d) Sukhdev Chand–Jasrotia

626. Mehta Prem Singh wazir was in the state of:

  • a) Hindur
  • b) Sirmour
  • c) Bushahr
  • d) Bilaspur

627. Who built the “Jaitak fort” near Nahan in the end of 18th century?

  • a) Amar Singh
  • b) Ranzor Singh
  • c) Man Singh
  • d) Jai Singh

628. Sirmour state from 1804-15 A.D. was under the control of:

  • a) Gurkhas
  • b) British
  • c) Sikhs
  • d) Jagat prakash

629. Who built the “Sheesh Mahal” and “Moti Mahal” in Nahan in the first half of the 19th century?

  • a) Man Prakash
  • b) Fateh Prakash
  • c) Jai Prakash
  • d) Jagat Prakash

630. Raja Samsher Prakash was the ruler of Sirmour, during 1857 revolt. What was his attitude towards this revolt:

  • a) Remained passive
  • b) Supported the British
  • c) Supported the revolutionaries
  • d) Nothing can be said


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