Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-37

631. Raja Samsher Prakash of Sirmour laid a garden named “Ranital Bagh” in the memory of his ranee. She was the daughter of the raja of:

  • a) Bushahr
  • b) Bhagat
  • c) Keonthal
  • d) Jabbal

632. In which year Sirmour state was placed under the Commissioner of Delhi, detaching it from Superintendent of Shimla hill as A.D.?

639. Formely princely states “Bhagal” and “Bhagat” are the parts of district:

634. What was the attitude of raja Amar Prakash of Sirmour princely state towards World War I (1914-18 A.D.)?

  • a) Opposed the British
  • b) Supported Germany
  • c) Remained indifferent
  • d) Supported the British wholeheartedly

635. Which of the following titled was not conferred on raja Amar Prakash of Sirmour by the British Government?

  • a) Maharaja
  • b) Lieutenant- Colonel
  • c) Ambassador of her Higness
  • d) K.C.I.F

636. Maharaja Amar Prakash breathed his last in 1933 A.D. in:

  • a) London
  • b) Vienna
  • c) New York
  • d) Nahan

637. Who was the last ruler of the Sirmour state?

  • a) Rajinder Prakash
  • b) Samsher Prakash
  • c) Kalyan Prakash
  • d) Rattan Prakash

638. Which of the following princely states is not the part of modern Solan district:

  • a) Mangal
  • b) Beja
  • c) Nalagarh
  • d) Bhajji

639. Formely princely states “Bhagal” and “Bhagat” are the parts of district:

640. Who named pargana of “Basal” as Bhagat?

  • a) Baksh Pal
  • b) Hari Pal
  • c) Basant Pal
  • d) Inder Pal


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