Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-38

641.Which of the following the only state from Himalayan Hills was annexed by Lord Dalhousie under the policy of annexation in 1849 A.D.?

642. Name the last raja of Bhagat?

643. Who founded the “Bhagal” state?

644. In which of the following states the whole of the Kanet population revolted against Raja?

645. Who was the last raja of Bhagal state in 1948 A.D. when, it was merged with Himachal Pradesh?

646. Who founded the Kunihar state in 1154 A.D.?

647. Who founded the Kuthar state (currently part of Solan Distt.)?

648. Kuthar riyasat was merged with Himachal Pradesh in 1948 wa sthe part if district:

649. Who founded the state “Mehlog” (currently with Solan District)?

650. Before 1790 A.D. “Beja” state was the tributary of :


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