Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-40

661. Demon Jallandhra finds a mention in Padam Purana of Mahabharata. He was killed by:

  • a) Vishnu
  • b) Lord Ram
  • c) Parshuram
  • d) Bhim

662. Which Maurayan emperor preached Buddhism and built Bodh stupas and Bodh Vihars in hill areas?

  • a)  Ashoka
  • b) Bindusar
  • c) Chandragupt Maurya
  • d) None of these

663. After Maurayas, which ruler came to the hills during 250 to 150 BC?

  • a) Kushana
  • b) Sakas
  • c) Greek
  • d) None of these

664. The capital of Maharaj Bali was at-

665. The capital of Maharaj Virat was at-

  • a) Rohru
  • b) Virantnagar(Hatkoi)
  • c) Sansarpur
  • d) Koti

666. Himachal finds its mention in Mahabharata in:

  • a) Vam Parva
  • b) Shanti Purva
  • c) Both of these
  • d) None of these

667. Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang described Kullu as-

  • a) Kiu-Lu-Ta
  • b) Kee-La-Ti
  • c) Kuantprrtha
  • d) The land of Gods

668. Aryan ruler Yayati. laid the foundation of a state between Yamuna and Saraswati and named it after his son whose name was-

669. Who led the Aryans against Shambar?

  • a) Shiva Dass
  • b) Devo Dass
  • c) Arjuna
  • d) Kartikya

670. Which ruler attacked the hills and plundered ashrams of Rishi Jamdagini and Rishi Vashishta?

  • a) Vichitra Virya
  • b) Sarva Virya
  • c) Kalyan Sena
  • d) Vichitra Sena


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