Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-41

671. People of Malana village in Kullu consider themselves the descendant of:

  • a) Alaxender -the great
  • b) Aurangzeb
  • c) Pandavas
  • d) Mauryas

672. “Gabdika”refers to the area of –

  • a) Sirmour
  • b) Kinnour
  • c) Hamirpur
  • d) Chamba and Bharmour

673. The old name of the place Pangana was-

  • a) Padamangan
  • b) Nrityangan
  • c) Varindavan
  • d) Pandavangan

674. The capital of the kingdom of Banasur was at-

  • a) Haridwar
  • b) Churdhar
  • c) Sarahan
  • d) Chhoti Kashi

675. Audambara in modern period refers to –

  • a) Kinnaur
  • b) Lahaul
  • c) Pathankot
  • d) Sirmour

676. Who is supposed to have brought Satluj from Mansarovar(Rakastal)?

  • a) Shiva
  • b) Krishna
  • c) Prahalad
  • d) Banasur

677. According to a legend, the prehistoric name of Dodra-Kanwar and took enmity with Bushahr ruler Raja Shamser Singh was:

  • a) Dasha-sho-Kawar
  • b) Dusra-Kayar
  • c) Dasha-dhar
  • d) Dasha-Koti

678. Which Raja of Chamba is remembered for his building, reforms, roads and cultural activities in Chamba history?

  • a) Raja Harnam Singh
  • b) Raja Ram Singh
  • c) Raja Sham Singh
  • d) Raja Gian Singh

679. Which Hindu Raja ruled Spiti in the 2nd century?

  • a) Samudra Sen
  • b) Rajender Sen
  • c) Bharat Sen
  • d) Chatur Sen

680. 650 to 1000 A.D. was the time period of full freedom in hill area then, hill rulers came under the attack of:

  • a) Cristianity
  • b) Islam
  • c) Buddhism
  • Zudaism

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