Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-41

671. People of Malana village in Kullu consider themselves the descendant of:

672. “Gabdika”refers to the area of –

673. The old name of the place Pangana was-

674. The capital of the kingdom of Banasur was at-

675. Audambara in modern period refers to –

676. Who is supposed to have brought Satluj from Mansarovar(Rakastal)?

677. According to a legend, the prehistoric name of Dodra-Kanwar and took enmity with Bushahr ruler Raja Shamser Singh was:

678. Which Raja of Chamba is remembered for his building, reforms, roads and cultural activities in Chamba history?

679. Which Hindu Raja ruled Spiti in the 2nd century?

680. 650 to 1000 A.D. was the time period of full freedom in hill area then, hill rulers came under the attack of:

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