Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-42

681. Nagarkot was the seat of power and prestige for:

682. Who captured Nalagarh in 1317 AD and defeated Prithvi Chand?

683. By the beginning of 14th century the entire Kinnaur are was divided in seven parts known as:

684. Who shifted his capital from Sarahan to Rampur?

685. Which Raja of Bilaspur helped Aurangzeb?

686. Which ruler of Chamba was killed by Raja of Nurpur Jagat Singh in 1623 A.D?

687. Chatargarh town in Chamba was founded by:

688. Sikhs attacked Bilaspur in:

689. In 1664 A.D, Raja of Kahlur state sold some land in Mukhowal to Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur, which later on become famous as:

690. Raja of which state got his daughter married to Banda Bairangi?


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