Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-43

691. Invasion of Mehmud Gazni on Nagarkot has been described by Muslim historian Uttabi in his book named-

692.Temur Lang(Lame) attacked Sirmour, Nalagarh and Kangra area of Himachal in-

693. The ruler of Katoch dynasty draw their lineage from:

694. Where is Chander Bhan Tilla located ?

695. Which of the following area was controlled by Sikhs of Himachal Pradesh during 1809-1846 A.D?

696. The Kangra ruler during the Mughal period, who accepted the rule of Akbar was:

697. According to Hieun-Tsang, the Chinese traveller, which king annexed the states of Kullu and Kangra?

698. The first description of Kangra name is found in the details of Europeon traveller-

699. Which were the three main parts of Lahaul?

  • a) Chamba, Kullu and British Lahaul
  • b) Kullu, Punjab And Lahaul
  • c) Chamba, Punjab and Lahaul
  • d) Chamba, Punjab and British Lahaul

700. In 1996, Kushana period coins have been found in the district:


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