Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-44

701. In which year Kangra court building was constructed located in the Kangra?

  • a) 1897 A.D.
  • b) 1900 A.D.
  • c) 1908 A.D.
  • d) 1909 A.D.

702. As per hearsay, Rishi Vashisht used to bath in the lake-

  • a) Rewalsar
  • b) Vashishtha Kund
  • c) Bhrigu Lake
  • d) Chandertal Lake

703. Naldehra Golf Course, which is currently controlled by state government, was previously under the control of Raja of-

704. Raghupur fort and Chinni kothi is located in the district-

705. As per hearsay, Rishi Vashisht tried to commit suicide by jumping into the river-

706. In which year Spiti valley was thrown open to local and foreign tourists?

  • a) 1989 A.D
  • b) 1992 A.D
  • c) 1990 A.D
  • d) 1975 A.D

707. Who setup the Arki town?

  • a) Sabha Chand
  • b) Karam Chand
  • c) Balbir Chand
  • d) Anand Chand

708. In which year Indo-Pak Shimla agreement was concluded?

  • a) 1965 A.D
  • b) 1998 A.D
  • c) 1972 A.D
  • d) 1916 A.D

709. After 1998 Vidhan Sabha election which independent legislator was abducted by the Congress party to force him to join cabinet?

  • a) Ishwar Dass Dhiman
  • b) Ramesh Dhawala
  • c) Chander Kumar
  • d) Samresh Chaudhary

710. Who got the “Ghanta Ghar” built in the center of Mandi town?

  • a) Raj Sidh Sen
  • b) Raja Ugarsen
  • c) Raja Prithvi Ram
  • d) Guru Govind Singh


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