Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-45

711. At which of the following places inthe year 2001, 24000 year old temple and cave were found?

  • a) Jagal Panchayat Kangra
  • b) Nandan Panchayat Hamirpur
  • c) Nyari Panchayat Bilaspur
  • d) Dhanot Panchayat Mandi

712. Previously Kandaghat subdivision was under the control of which princely state?

713. To escape the terror of Gurkhas Junga princely ruler handed over the Kandaghat to the ruler of-

714. Mahabharta period fame Karol Parvat, under which Pandavas built a tunnel to escape from Laksha Grih, is in the district of:

715. As per the hearsay Karol Parvat came into existence due to-

  • a) Digging of a cave by Pandvas
  • b) Ravna meditated there.
  • c) Pandvas meditated there.
  • d) Parshuram meditated here.

716. In the year 2002, in which village of district Mandi stone age weapons were found?

717. Who founded the ancient capital city of Mandi state Bhatoli?

718. Which ruler of Kangra attacked Mandi state to capture the Gumma Salt Mine?

719. In which year Rampur Bushahr Riyasat came under the possession of British?

720. In which year the famous Kasauli Club was setup-


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