Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-47

731. The capital of “Bhagat” riyasat was:

732. The “Bhagat” riyasat was spread in 36sq. miles had how many ghats?

733. Which of the following had never been the capital of “Bhagat” riyasat?

734. In which year Mahatma Gandi first came to  Shimla?

735. The last time Mahatma Gandhivisited Shimla was in-

736. By which other name railway Board Building located in Shimla was known?

737. Whose queen was he Khairgarhi rani?

738. In which movement Rani Khairgarhi Lalita Kumari directly participated?

  • a) To protect the princely states
  • b) to abolish princely states
  • c) Freedom struggle movement
  • d) To spread primary education

739. In 1880. Col. Mackenjee built a building named Kaleenberth, what was it’s other name?

740. Who built Brijswari temple built near the Nurpur Mahal?


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