Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-48

741. Faridkot House got destroyed in a major fire in the year 2003, was located in-

  • a) Shimla
  • b) Chail
  • c) Mashobra
  • d) Summerhill

742. Who got Brijswari temple built near the Nurpur Mahal?

  • a) Raja Jagat Singh
  • b) Raja Balbir singh
  • c) Shahjahan
  • d) Sansar Chand

743. When was Padam Palace, located in Rampur was built?

  • a) 1905-1911 A.D
  • b) 1919-1925 A.D
  • c) 1890-1891 A.D
  • d) 1910-1915 A.D

744. Suraj Kund temple in Bhichhani Dhar near Chatrokhari (Sundernagar) was built by-

  • a) Raja Garur
  • b) Raja Anand Chand
  • c) Maharaja Uday Prakash
  • d) Raja Suraj Sen

745. Who got the Dhaulra temple(Bilaspur) built-

  • a) Maharaja Chander Sen
  • b) Maharaja Deep Chand
  • c) Maharaja Dhan Prakash
  • d) Maharaja Jagat Chand

746. Before transferring it to Dhaulra the capital of Bilaspur state was-

  • a) Sunhani
  • b) Diyoli
  • c) Swarghat
  • d) Dadhol

747. Which Raja of Bilaspur got modern mahal constructed near Sandhu maidan in the year 1933-34?

  • a) Raja Deep Chand
  • b) Raja Amin Chand
  • c) Raja Anand Chand
  • d) Raja Swaroop Chand

748. Kamlah fort of Mandi district, falls under which Vidhan Sabha Constituency?

  • a) Sundernagar
  • b) Dharmpur
  • c) Jogindernagar
  • d) Mandi

749. Which British officer setup the Shimla town in 1819?

  • a) Henry Cunnigram
  • b) Lt. Rose Belt
  • c) Lord Amherest
  • d) Lord Willington

750. In Which year during British period, few parts of Kangra district were taken off to make a new sub-tehsil “Bhavarna”?

  • a) 1855 A.D
  • b) 1863 A.D
  • c) 1878 A.D
  • d) 1898 A.D


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