Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-48

741. Faridkot House got destroyed in a major fire in the year 2003, was located in-

742. Who got Brijswari temple built near the Nurpur Mahal?

743. When was Padam Palace, located in Rampur was built?

744. Suraj Kund temple in Bhichhani Dhar near Chatrokhari (Sundernagar) was built by-

745. Who got the Dhaulra temple(Bilaspur) built-

746. Before transferring it to Dhaulra the capital of Bilaspur state was-

747. Which Raja of Bilaspur got modern mahal constructed near Sandhu maidan in the year 1933-34?

748. Kamlah fort of Mandi district, falls under which Vidhan Sabha Constituency?

749. Which British officer setup the Shimla town in 1819?

750. In Which year during British period, few parts of Kangra district were taken off to make a new sub-tehsil “Bhavarna”?


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