Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-49

751. Which ruler of “Bhagal State” started Sayar festival in the year of 1643 A.D?

752. What was the name of Darlaghat during riyasat period?

753. The reowned wazir of Nurpur Ram Singh was in the Darbar or Raja-

754. What was the historic name of Himachl Raj Bhawan?

755. Where was Indo-Pak Shimla agreement 1972 concluded?

756. Who was the first chief minister of Himachal Pradesh to take oath on the Ridge Maidaan?

757. In the year 1997 at Chetru near Dharmashala, historical remnants were found dating back to 1st century B.C, pertaining to-

  • a) Bhuddhist Stupa of Kushan period
  • b) Shiv temple of Gupta period
  • c) Weapons related to sangam Period
  • d) Mauryan peiod slabs

758. In the year 1996 Kushana period coins were found in the district-

759. In which year Raja Samsher Chand took control of Kutlehar Riyasat?

760. In the history of Kullu state, how many Rajas used “pal” and “Singh” suffix with their names respectively?


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