Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-49

751. Which ruler of “Bhagal State” started Sayar festival in the year of 1643 A.D?

  • a) Raja Suraj Chand
  • b) Raja Sabha Chand
  • c) Raja Kirat Singh
  • d) Raja Baldev Singh

752. What was the name of Darlaghat during riyasat period?

  • a) Shahal
  • b) Dabra
  • c) Salokha
  • d) Bhatka

753. The reowned wazir of Nurpur Ram Singh was in the Darbar or Raja-

  • a) Jaswant Singh
  • b) Maghad Singh
  • c) Ujagar Singh
  • d) Ratan  Singh

754. What was the historic name of Himachl Raj Bhawan?

  • a) Kennedy House
  • b) Barnes Court
  • c) Peterhoff
  • d) Bangla

755. Where was Indo-Pak Shimla agreement 1972 concluded?

  • a) Barnes House
  • b) Peterhoff
  • c) Boileaugang
  • d) The Retreat

756. Who was the first chief minister of Himachal Pradesh to take oath on the Ridge Maidaan?

  • a) Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar
  • b) Sh. Shanta Kumar
  • c) Sh. Virbhadra Singh
  • d) Sh. Prem Kumar Dhumal

757. In the year 1997 at Chetru near Dharmashala, historical remnants were found dating back to 1st century B.C, pertaining to-

  • a) Bhuddhist Stupa of Kushan period
  • b) Shiv temple of Gupta period
  • c) Weapons related to sangam Period
  • d) Mauryan peiod slabs

758. In the year 1996 Kushana period coins were found in the district-

  •  a) Bilaspur
  • b) Kangra
  • c) Hamirpur
  • d) Una

759. In which year Raja Samsher Chand took control of Kutlehar Riyasat?

  • a) 1770 AD
  • b) 1789 AD
  • c) 1786 AD
  • d) 1780 AD

760. In the history of Kullu state, how many Rajas used “pal” and “Singh” suffix with their names respectively?

  • a) 73 and 15
  • b) 88 and 10
  • c) 26 and 62
  • d) 32 and 56


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