Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-50

761. Lahaulees call their country by the name of Garja which means-

  • a) Cold desert
  • b) Southern Land
  • c) Last inhabitable place
  • d) the land of Gold

762. Who founded the “Kutlehar State”?

  • a) A Brahmin
  • b) A Rajput
  • c) A Wandrer prince
  • d) A Sudra Wazir

763. Who was the contemporary king of Kangra, when Mohd. Tughlaq was at the throne of Delhi?

  • a) Giribar Chand
  • b) Prithvi Chand
  • c) Sansar Chand
  • d) Tegh Chand

764. When Kangra state fully came under the possession of British?

  • a) After the revolt of 1857 AD
  • b) After 1857 AD
  • c) After 1861 AD
  • d) Kangra never came under the possession of British

765. Who was the last ruler of Kullu state (1814-1840)

  • a) Tegh Pal
  • b) Ajay Pal
  • c) Jit Singh
  • d) Pramod Singh

766. In which year chamba came under the possession of the British?

  • a) 1826 AD
  • b) 1835 AD
  • c) 1845 AD
  • d) 1847 AD

767. In the year 1634, which Raja of Guler was sent to attack Garhwal?

  • a) Rup Chand
  • b) Bidhi Chand
  • c) Kailash Chand
  • d) Abhay Chand

768. In 1876 to meet the prince of Wales Edward, who was the youngest prince?

  • a) Shyam Singh(Chamba)
  • b) Anand Chand (Bilaspur)
  • c) Padam Singh ( Bushahr)
  • d) Laxman Sen ( mandi)

769. Who is the founder of Hamirpur?

  • a) Hamir Chand
  • b) Rup Chand
  • c) Abhay Chand
  • d) Kailash Chand

670 Who is the founder of Kullu (1500AD)

  • a) Tegh Pal
  • b) Ajay Pal
  • c) Bhahingmuni Pal
  • d) Bidhi Chand


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