Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-50

761. Lahaulees call their country by the name of Garja which means-

762. Who founded the “Kutlehar State”?

763. Who was the contemporary king of Kangra, when Mohd. Tughlaq was at the throne of Delhi?

764. When Kangra state fully came under the possession of British?

  • a) After the revolt of 1857 AD
  • b) After 1857 AD
  • c) After 1861 AD
  • d) Kangra never came under the possession of British

765. Who was the last ruler of Kullu state (1814-1840)

766. In which year chamba came under the possession of the British?

767. In the year 1634, which Raja of Guler was sent to attack Garhwal?

768. In 1876 to meet the prince of Wales Edward, who was the youngest prince?

769. Who is the founder of Hamirpur?

670 Who is the founder of Kullu (1500AD)


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