Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-51

771. What does the Kinner means?

  • a) People living in Kinnaur.
  • b) Krishna varna of the people
  • c) Halfman and halfhorse
  • d) People with magic powers and living near Kailash Mountains.

772. Kinners are:

773. Kinners are:

774. The Gaddis found in Himachal are:

775. Where do we find the largest agglomeration of Gaddis in Himachal Pradesh?

776. The Gaddis are:

777. “Pangwala tribes” found in Himachal Pradesh in:

778. Pangwalas are:

779. “Janji ao Jani” is a type of marrige prealent amoung Pangwala, means:

780. “Topi Jani” is a type of marriage prevalent among Pangwala, means:


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