Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-54

811. Which among the following does not belong to Mercantile classes found in Himachal Pradesh?

812. ‘Soods’ in modern Himachal Pradesh are largely coming from:

813. The second race to enter the western hills of Himachal Pradesh was:

814. The third race to enter Himachal Pradesh from northwest was:

815. Which of the following tribe is not found in Himachal Pradesh?

816. Bhot is the name given to the “Tibetian” of :

  • a) Kinnaur
  • b) Pangi
  • c) Dodra-kwar
  • d) Kangra valley

817. The Indo-Mongloids known as Kiratas or Bhots came to Himachal pradesh from the:

  • a) North-West
  • b) South- East
  • c) South-West
  • d) North-East

818. Which sect of Buddhism followed in Himachal is the combination of:

  • a) Vajrayana and Majic
  • b) Mahayana and Hinayana
  • c) Hinayana and Vajrayana
  • d) Mahayana and Vajrayana

819.  Adumbaras were considered the decendent of the sage:

  • a) Valmiki
  • b) Brihangamuni
  • c) Vishwamitra
  • d) Parshuram

820. The Gujjars of today’s Himachal Pradesh are the desendents of:


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