Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-55

821. Among the Kinners if a girl does not find a suitable match, she becomes:

  • a) The head of the village
  • b) Jomo (remain unmarried)
  • c) Commit suicide
  • d) Renounce the World

822. Kulindas were originally the people belonging to:

  • a) Kangra Valley
  • b) Shimla and Sirmour hills
  • c) Kullu valley
  • d) Kinnaur

823. The prehistoric man came to Himachal Pradesh from:

  • a) North India
  • b) Western India
  • c) Eastern India
  • d) Southern India

824. Who conceived the idea of Nalwari fair of Bilaspur in 1899 AD?

  • a) Raja Anand Chand
  • b) W. Goldstein
  • c) Wazir Hikmat Khan
  • d) Baba Kanshi Ram

825. Which of the following fair does not take place in Bilaspur district?

  • a) Bharnet Fair
  • b) Hari Devi Fair
  • c) Morsinghi Fair
  • d) Mattan Sidh Fair

826. Shri Gopal temple is located at:

  • a) Bilaspur
  • b) Kullu
  • c) Chamba
  • d) Solan

827. Which of the following is incorrect(temples and location)?

  • a) Murli Manohar- Bilaspur
  • b) Balak Nath-Deot Sidh
  • c)Lakhdata- Ghumarwin
  • d) Markanndey-Marki

828. Which of the following fair held in Bilaspur has been declared a state fair?

  • a) Bhel Fair
  • b) Nalwari Fair
  • c) Baba devi fair
  • d) Chakrana fair

829. Where does the “Radha Asthami” fair take place?

  • a) Manimahesh
  • b) Banikhet
  • c) Gasota
  • d) Baner Chowk

830. Who built the temple of Shakti Devi in Bharmour?

  • a) Diwakar Varman
  • b) Maru Varman
  • c) Meru Varman
  • d) Sahil Varman


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