Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-56

831. Which of the following temple was not built by Meru Varman in the 7th century?

832. Suhi Mela in which only women and children are allowed to take part, held in the memory(in Chamba) of :

833. Who built the famous Chandrasekhra temple at Saho and Kameshwara temple?

834. Who built the famous temple of Gauri Shankar in Chamba?

835. Who built the temples of Khajinag in Khajjiar, Hidimba at Mahla and Sita Ram at Chamba?

  • a) Raghunath Singh
  • b) Batlu ( a nurse who saved the life of Prithvi Singh)
  • c) Raj Singh
  • d) Champavati

836. “Chaurasi” area is famous in the district:

837. Which of the following fair of Chamba has been declared a state fair?

838. Which of the following fair take place in Hamirpur district is a state fair?

839. At which of the following place in Hamirpur no cattle fair takes place?

840. The famous Rock cut temple (Ajanta of Himachla Pradesh) is located at:

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