Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-56

831. Which of the following temple was not built by Meru Varman in the 7th century?

  • a) Manimahesh
  • b) Lakshna devi
  • c) Champa Devi
  • d) Narsingh temple

832. Suhi Mela in which only women and children are allowed to take part, held in the memory(in Chamba) of :

  • a) Rani Sharda
  • b) Rani Naina Devi
  • c) Rani Vijayta
  • d) Rani Kundla

833. Who built the famous Chandrasekhra temple at Saho and Kameshwara temple?

  • a) Sahil Varman
  • b) Ajit Varman
  • c) Maru Varman
  • d) Vikram Varman

834. Who built the famous temple of Gauri Shankar in Chamba?

  • a) Sahil Varman
  • b) Dadaka Varman
  • c) Vikram Varman
  • d) Yugankar Varman

835. Who built the temples of Khajinag in Khajjiar, Hidimba at Mahla and Sita Ram at Chamba?

  • a) Raghunath Singh
  • b) Batlu ( a nurse who saved the life of Prithvi Singh)
  • c) Raj Singh
  • d) Champavati

836. “Chaurasi” area is famous in the district:

837. Which of the following fair of Chamba has been declared a state fair?

  • a) Sui Fair
  • b) Bharmour Yatra
  • c) Minjar Fair
  • d) Chatrari Yatra

838. Which of the following fair take place in Hamirpur district is a state fair?

  • a) Deot Sidh Fair
  • b) Sujanpur Tihra(Holi Mela)
  • c) Sair Fair Ladraur
  • d) Gasota Fair

839. At which of the following place in Hamirpur no cattle fair takes place?

840. The famous Rock cut temple (Ajanta of Himachla Pradesh) is located at:

  • a) Masrur
  • b) Kangra
  • c) Nadaun
  • d) Jwalamukhi

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