Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-57

841. The “Mukteshwar” temple is located in the village of________ Kangra district?

842. Baba Dayagir Fair is famous of (district Kangra):

843. Dhamu Shah Fair is held in district:

844. Which of the following fair does not take place in Kangra district?

845. In which part of Kinnaur, all famillies blessed with sons offer one goat collectively to the village deity on Ukhyang festival?

846. In which district cremation customs such as dubant(drowning), Phukant (burning) and bhakant(eating by vultures) were followed?

847. Which district in Himachal Pradesh is famous for Fraternal polyandry?

848. Chatrial festival(famous for expressing vulgarity through action and words) is held at:

849. Which festival of Kinnaur is famous for flowers?

850. The new year festival in Upper Kinnaur is called as:


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