Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-57

841. The “Mukteshwar” temple is located in the village of________ Kangra district?

  • a) Jindragal
  • b) Bhanor
  • c) Sinsol
  • d) Kothi

842. Baba Dayagir Fair is famous of (district Kangra):

  • a) Nurpur
  • b) Daulatpur
  • c) Kandi
  • d) Bir

843. Dhamu Shah Fair is held in district:

844. Which of the following fair does not take place in Kangra district?

  • a) Mela Shah Abdul Rehman
  • b) Chamba Fair
  • c) Markanda Fair
  • d) Mela Surjan Bharti

845. In which part of Kinnaur, all famillies blessed with sons offer one goat collectively to the village deity on Ukhyang festival?

  • a) Podar Valley
  • b) Ropa Village
  • c) Leo-pargial
  • d) Sangla Valley

846. In which district cremation customs such as dubant(drowning), Phukant (burning) and bhakant(eating by vultures) were followed?

  • a) Lahaul-Spiti
  • b) Shimla
  • c) Chamba
  • d) Kinnuar

847. Which district in Himachal Pradesh is famous for Fraternal polyandry?

  • a) Kinnaur
  • b) Chamba
  • c) Lahaul-Spiti
  • d) Sirmour

848. Chatrial festival(famous for expressing vulgarity through action and words) is held at:

  • a) Tabo
  • b) Gyamcha
  • c) Chagaon
  • d) Pangi

849. Which festival of Kinnaur is famous for flowers?

  • a) Chatral
  • b) Beeshu
  • c) Dakreni
  • d) Ukhyang

850. The new year festival in Upper Kinnaur is called as:

  • a) Phaguli
  • b) Lamoch
  • c) Losar
  • d) Shirkin


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