Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-63

901. The place “Nirmal” is associated with:

  • a) Jamdagni
  • b) Renuka
  • c) Parshuram
  • d) Hidimba

902. “Hidimba Devi” temple is located in :

  • a) Kullu
  • b) Manali
  • c) Mahasu
  • d) Sarahan

903. Who led the Buddhists missionaries to the Himalayas sent by the Ashoka?

  • a) Dhurdibhissara
  • b) Majjihima
  • c) Kassapagotta
  • d) Sahadeva

904. The famous temples of Devi Badoli and  Guga Gherwin are located in (Bilaspur):

  • a) Naina Devi hill
  • b) Jhanjiar hill
  • c) Kot hill
  • d) Tiun hill

905. Who built the famous temple of Gauri Shankar in Sujanpur Tira in 1793 A.D?

  • a) Sansar Chand
  • b) Kalyan Chand
  • c) Pt. Sib Dayal
  • d) Mokham Chand

906. Two famous temples, Murli Manohar and Narbadeshwar were built by Sansar Chand in 1790 and 1823 respectively at:

  • a) Jwalamukhi
  • b) Kangra
  • c) Sujanpur Tira
  • d) Nadaun

907. Who founded the Blikleshwar Mahadev temple in Nadaun?

  • a) Lomasha Rishi
  • b) Pandavas
  • c) Susharma
  • d) Sansar Chand

908. Saloh Shrine (Palampur) and Tripal (Kangra) are famous for:

  • a) Honey Deposit
  • b) Water falls
  • c) Curing for snake bite
  • d) Orchards

909. Who of the following said that Kanets of Shimla are allied to Khasas of Jaunsar Bawar ethnically and linguistically?

  • a) Hamilton
  • b) Cunningham
  • c) Grierson
  • d) All of these

910. The suffix “ta”, generally used in upper Shimla hills with the name of a person whos his:

  • a) Caste
  • b) Religion
  • c) Parentage
  • d) Village name



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