Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-63

901. The place “Nirmal” is associated with:

902. “Hidimba Devi” temple is located in :

903. Who led the Buddhists missionaries to the Himalayas sent by the Ashoka?

904. The famous temples of Devi Badoli and  Guga Gherwin are located in (Bilaspur):

905. Who built the famous temple of Gauri Shankar in Sujanpur Tira in 1793 A.D?

906. Two famous temples, Murli Manohar and Narbadeshwar were built by Sansar Chand in 1790 and 1823 respectively at:

907. Who founded the Blikleshwar Mahadev temple in Nadaun?

908. Saloh Shrine (Palampur) and Tripal (Kangra) are famous for:

909. Who of the following said that Kanets of Shimla are allied to Khasas of Jaunsar Bawar ethnically and linguistically?

910. The suffix “ta”, generally used in upper Shimla hills with the name of a person whos his:



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