Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-62

891. “Bhunda Festival” is associated with ( celebrated in Shimla, Kullu and Mandi):

  • a) Parshuram
  • b) Lomasha Rishi
  • c) Buddha
  • d) Mahasu Devta

892. In which of the following district “Nawala festival” is not celebrated?

  • a) Kangra
  • b) Chamba
  • c) Sirmour
  • d) Mandi – Kullu

893. Which of the following is not a state fair?

  • a) Minjar fair-Chamba
  • b) Dal fair- Dharamshala
  • c) Dashehra- Kullu
  • d) Renuka fair- Renuka

894. Which of the following combination is wrong?

  • a) Dhungri fair-Manali
  • b) Pathar-ka-khel–Halog in Shimla
  • c) RampurJatra- Rampuri in Jubbal
  • d) Sipi fair- Markanda

895.  By which of the following names Lord Shiva is not called in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Mahasu
  • b) Gugga
  • c) Ruldang
  • d)  Baijnath

896. Who among the following is known Lomasha Rishi among Hindus?

  • a) Rahulsankritayan
  • b) Padamsambhava
  • c) Ved Vyas
  • d) Raja Kheri Singh

897. Riwalsar is the birth place of:

  • a) Guru Govind Singh
  • b) Raja Preekshit
  • c) Hidimba
  • d) Padamsambhava

898. The relation between Renuka and Jamdagani was that of:

  • a) mother and son
  • b) Wife and husband
  • c) Sister and brother
  • d) Daughter and father

899. The Lahaulis are the believer of:

  • a) Buddhism
  • b) Hinduism
  • c) Impure Buddhism
  • d) Jainism

900. How Parshurama is attached with  Renuka?

  • a) Her Son
  • b) Husband
  • c) Brother
  • d) Father


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