Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-62

891. “Bhunda Festival” is associated with ( celebrated in Shimla, Kullu and Mandi):

892. In which of the following district “Nawala festival” is not celebrated?

893. Which of the following is not a state fair?

894. Which of the following combination is wrong?

  • a) Dhungri fair-Manali
  • b) Pathar-ka-khel–Halog in Shimla
  • c) RampurJatra- Rampuri in Jubbal
  • d) Sipi fair- Markanda

895.  By which of the following names Lord Shiva is not called in Himachal Pradesh?

896. Who among the following is known Lomasha Rishi among Hindus?

897. Riwalsar is the birth place of:

898. The relation between Renuka and Jamdagani was that of:

899. The Lahaulis are the believer of:

900. How Parshurama is attached with  Renuka?


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