Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-61

881. “Devi Bara Fair” is famous in the district of:

882. Which of the following fair does not take place in Una district:

883. Which of the following district is not associate with fraternal polyandry:

884. Reet marriage is, when –

  • a) A married woman leaves her husband and marry another man.
  • b) A younger brother marries his sister in law
  • c) The marriage between blood relations
  • d)  Remarriage of widow

885. Jhindphook or jarar phuki marriage found among the tribal of:

886. “Dehri monuments” outside the most of the villages in Himachal Pradesh are reminders of:

887. The Kayang, Bakyang and Banyangchu are the famous dances of:

888. “Chohara” is a famous dance of:

889. “Jahanjar” is a famous dance of:

890. Which of the following is not a folk drama?


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