Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-60

871. Which of the following fair in Shimla is a state fair?

872. “Pathar-ka- Khel ” is famous fair takes place at:

873. “Dudhbahli” Fair (Shimla) held at:

874. The first fun fair held in Shimla was in Annadale ground in the year of :

875. The Gaity Theatre of Shimla was opened in the year of:

876. Name the ruler of Sirmour who abolished the custom of “Siyapa ” at the time of death?

877. Where does the “Gandhi Fair” take place in Sirmour district on 30th January every year?

878. “Nag Naona” fair takes place at:

879. “Hola and Patalian Shivsthan is famous of:

880. Where do the Guru Jawahar Singh and Bawan Dwadshi fair take place?


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