Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-59

861. “Kupachacha” in Lahaul-Spiti stands for :

862. “Ladarch” fair is held annually at:

863. Like the Nathwara temple of Rajasthan, a Lamp of pure ghee is always burning in the temple of:

864. Shenhni, Ghure and Garphi in Lahaul-spiti are related to:

865. “Betas” in Lahaul areas are:

866. Which festival in Lahaul area is celebrated after every four years?

867. Who started the Shivratri Fair of Mandi (at Purani Mandi)?

868. At which of the following places Nalwari fair does not take place in Mandi district:

869. Which of the following has been declared a state fair in district Mandi:

870. “Winter fair” in Himachal Pradesh takes place at:


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