Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-59

861. “Kupachacha” in Lahaul-Spiti stands for :

  • a) A vedic ceremony
  • b) Divorce
  • c) Religious rite
  • d) Ceremony related to agriculture

862. “Ladarch” fair is held annually at:

  • a) Keylong
  • b) Dharamshala
  • c) Kalatope
  • d) Kibber

863. Like the Nathwara temple of Rajasthan, a Lamp of pure ghee is always burning in the temple of:

  • a) Hidimba
  • b) Trilokinath
  • c) Ganesh
  • d) Tripurasundri

864. Shenhni, Ghure and Garphi in Lahaul-spiti are related to:

  • a) Improved cattle breed
  • b) Potatoes variety
  • c) Forms of Dance
  • d) Marriage

865. “Betas” in Lahaul areas are:

  • a) Professional dancers
  • b) Priests
  • c) Scholarly men
  • d) Warriors

866. Which festival in Lahaul area is celebrated after every four years?

  • a) Chakhr
  • b) Jig-Jed
  • c) Bhinger
  • d) Chho Thang

867. Who started the Shivratri Fair of Mandi (at Purani Mandi)?

  • a) Keshav Sen
  • b) Sham Sen
  • c) Yudhbir Sen
  • d) Ajbar Sen

868. At which of the following places Nalwari fair does not take place in Mandi district:

  • a) Sundernagar
  • b) Rewalsar
  • c) Bhangrotu
  • d) Barchhwar

869. Which of the following has been declared a state fair in district Mandi:

  • a) Mahunag fair
  • b) Rewalsar fair
  • c) Shivratri fair
  • d) Kao fair

870. “Winter fair” in Himachal Pradesh takes place at:

  • a) Shimla
  • b) Kufri
  • c) Kullu
  • d) Dharamshala


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