Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-64

In Himachal Pradesh Gujjars are living in many districts and they live nomadic life. Gujjars in Himachal Pradesh are from both Hindi and Muslim communities.


911. The highest population of Gujjars is in district:

912. The district having the highest number of villages in the state is:

913. Mata Badri Devi mela is celebrated in:

914. Sippi fair is held in praise of:

915. Chaichu mela, a religious fair is celebrated in March at Rewalsar in district:

916. Bhudi Diwali is a festival of victory of Khashas over:

917. Lal Chand Prarthi in his book “Kulut Desh ki Kahani” has described the celebration of Diwali due to:

918. Bhudhi Diwali festival is celebrated in January during full moon time. it is also known as:

919. Person of following caste is put on the rope made of a special grass called “Munji” during Bhunda ceremony-

920. on the conclusion of Kullu Dushehra , the Chariot of Lord Raghunathji goes to:


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