Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-65

921. Pagoda style of temples architecture in Himachal Pradesh came from:

922. Chamesani Devi temple is in-

923. What is “Niwala” in Chamba’s religious tradition?

924. Karttikeya temple is at-

925. Where did Shringi Rishi perform a “Putra Yagna” for Raja Dashrath and as a result Lord Rama was born:

926. Adi Brahma temple is situated at:

927. Devi Ambika temple is located at:

928. A shrine dedicated to Baba Gorakh Nath is located in the temple complex of:

929. Jwalamukhi temple, where five Aartis (prayers) are performed each day, is located on:

930. Temple of Bagulamukhi is at-


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