Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-66

931. The original temple of sandhya Devi (associated with Ayodhya Dynasty) is located in Kullu at-

932. Where is Ramgopal temple situated in Himachal Pradesh?

933. Durveshwar Mahadev temple is in-

934. Where is Bhimsen-ka-Chulah of Mahabharata fame located in Shimla district:

935. Where is Lutru Mahadev temple ?

936. Dharbhasa temple is located near-

937. Where is Bijat Maharaj or Lord  Vajreshwara Indra temple located in Shimla district:

938. Ardhnarishwar (half male and half female form of Lord shiva) temple is in-

939. Kamaksha Devi temple is at:

940. Temple of Oraming Devta is at-


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