Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-72

1021. In which year Hidimba temple of Manali was built by raja Bahadur Singh of Kullu?

1022. Mark the incorrect:

1023. Trilokinath temple of Tunde ( Lahaul-Spiti) represents the art style of:

1024. Guru Ghantal Gompa in village Tupchiling (in Lahaul) houses the image of the Avalokiteshwara, a marble head sculpture of:

1025. Gemur monastery (Lahaul) houses the Marichi Vajravarahi (goddess) belongs to 11-12th century A.D . it is in which style:

1026. Which of the following Gompaswas built by Lama named Sarjan Richain (in 17th century A.D)?

1027. Which of the following painting style did not flourish in Himachal Pradesh ever?

1028. Which of the following painting style can not be classified as Himachali:

1029. Which of the following is the oldest school of painting flourished in Himachal Pradesh?

1030. Which of the following is not the symbol of Basholi school?



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