Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-72

1021. In which year Hidimba temple of Manali was built by raja Bahadur Singh of Kullu?

1022. Mark the incorrect:

  • a) Tripura Saundari-Naggar
  • b) Adi Brahma- Kokhan
  • c) Baba Balaknath- Deoth Sidh
  • d) Naina Devi- Ghumarwin

1023. Trilokinath temple of Tunde ( Lahaul-Spiti) represents the art style of:

  • a) Kashmir- Kanauj
  • b) Mathura
  • c) Pahari
  • d) Satluj Valley

1024. Guru Ghantal Gompa in village Tupchiling (in Lahaul) houses the image of the Avalokiteshwara, a marble head sculpture of:

  • a) 5th Century B.C
  • b) 5th Century A.D
  • c) 8th Century A.D
  • d) 12th Century A.D

1025. Gemur monastery (Lahaul) houses the Marichi Vajravarahi (goddess) belongs to 11-12th century A.D . it is in which style:

  • a) Pahari
  • b) Kashmiri
  • c) Rajasthani
  • d) Greek

1026. Which of the following Gompaswas built by Lama named Sarjan Richain (in 17th century A.D)?

  • a) Sashur Gompa
  • b) Kardang Gompa
  • c) Gemur Gompa
  • d) Tayul Gompa

1027. Which of the following painting style did not flourish in Himachal Pradesh ever?

  • a) Mandi Kalam
  • b) Unnabi Kalam
  • c) Arki Kalam
  • d) Guler Kalam

1028. Which of the following painting style can not be classified as Himachali:

  • a) Miniature painting
  • b) Sculpture painting
  • c) Wall painting
  • d) Manuscript painting
  • Sc

1029. Which of the following is the oldest school of painting flourished in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Basholi  school
  • b) Guler Kalam
  • c) Kangra Kalam
  • d) Chamba school

1030. Which of the following is not the symbol of Basholi school?

  • a) Red colour-Love
  • b) Yellow colour- Spring
  • c) Black colour- War
  • d) Blue colour- Fertile rains and clouds



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