Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-71

1011. Lakshna Devi temple of Bharmour was built by Maru Varman, is made of ashtadhatu. who was the master crafstman:

1012. In which year image of Vishnu was stolen from Hari Rai temple of Chamba and reinstated in 1971 A.D?

1013. Who built the temple of Hatkoti, dedicated to Goddess Durga on the border of Jubbal and Rawin states (now in district Shimla)?

1014. Jagganath temple is located at the :

1015. The Masrur temple (Ellora of Himachal) of Kangra is a group of fifteen shrines, built in the:

1016. Mark the incorrect:

1017. Lakshmi Narayan temple is a group of:

1018. The Prashar temple of Mandi was built by Raja Ban Sen in :

1019. “Manu” temple in Himachal Pradesh is located at:

1020. Surya temple (Sun Temple) is located at:


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