Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-70

1001. Who built the Shama Kali temple above the Mandi town?

1002. Where is Durga Kali temple is located in Himachal Pradesh?

1003. The ancient temple of “Mahasu” (unique in architecture) is located at:

1004. Who built the temple of Lakshmi Narayan on the bank of Bhagirathi to commemorate his victories on the raja of Gharwal (temple was renamed “Mahi Dewal”)?

1005. The temple of ‘Peer Bhiyanu’ is located in Kot hills of district?

1006. A Buddhist stupa in Chetru near Kangra was built during the period of:

1007. ‘Gupta art’ entered in Shivalik hills first of all around:

1008. With the amalgamation of various art styles, it came to be known as:

1009. The oldest art and architecture style of Himachal is Khasa. Its basic material is:

1010. Which of the following art style is not found in Himachal Pradesh?


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