Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-70

1001. Who built the Shama Kali temple above the Mandi town?

  • a) Shyam Sen
  • b) Madhav Rai
  • c) Keshav Sen
  • d) Madan Pal

1002. Where is Durga Kali temple is located in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Mandi
  • b) Sarahan
  • c) Theog
  • d) Hatkoti

1003. The ancient temple of “Mahasu” (unique in architecture) is located at:

  • a) Hatkoti
  • b) Gijara
  • c) Chaupal
  • d) Jubbal

1004. Who built the temple of Lakshmi Narayan on the bank of Bhagirathi to commemorate his victories on the raja of Gharwal (temple was renamed “Mahi Dewal”)?

  • a) Sub Prakash
  • b) Lalit Prakash
  • c) Laxmi Chand
  • d) Mahi Prakash

1005. The temple of ‘Peer Bhiyanu’ is located in Kot hills of district?

  • a) Mandi
  • b) Hamirpur
  • c) Bilaspur
  • d) Solan

1006. A Buddhist stupa in Chetru near Kangra was built during the period of:

  • a) Chandrgupta Maurya
  • b) Ashoka
  • c) Harsha
  • d) Kanishka

1007. ‘Gupta art’ entered in Shivalik hills first of all around:

  • a) Third fourth century
  • b) 6th-8th century
  • c) 4th century
  • d) During Indus valley period

1008. With the amalgamation of various art styles, it came to be known as:

  • a) Kangra Style
  • b) Pahari Style
  • c) Basholi Style
  • d) Chamba Style

1009. The oldest art and architecture style of Himachal is Khasa. Its basic material is:

1010. Which of the following art style is not found in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Mathura Style
  • b) The Khasa
  • c) Indo-Aryan
  • d) Indo- Tibetan


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