Himachal Pradesh Social Life and Customs -3

991. In which year government of Himachal put Gorkha comunity in the of backward community?

992. The famous temple of Vindhayavasini is located at:

  • a) Bandla- district Kangra
  • b) Kaihrwin- district Hamirpur
  • c) Mehlog-district Solan
  • d) Nayari- district Bilaspur

993. In which year the tribal festival Ladarcha of Kinnaur was re-started ?

994. On the occasion of Shand, observed after twelve years in upper area of Shimla district, what is popularity done?

995. ‘Rumals’ of which district are very famous:

996. The Remains of two Buddhist Stupas in Kangra district have been found at:

997. Who built the temple of Sandhya Devi at Jagatsukh(1418-1428)?

998. Where is the temple dedicated to ‘Parshuram’?

999. Doca- Moca temple is located at:

1000. Who built the temple of Shiva at Amla Bimla?


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