Himachal Pradesh Social Life and Customs -2

981. In which year the hero of Kehloori Song “tu an disda o Mohna, to na disda” fame was executed?

982. Maa Basahi Chaturvuja temple of district Mandi is on th ehill range of:

983. Geet temple of Kotgarh built by Satyanand Stokes houses the idol of:

984. How many Shalokas have been engraved on the walls of Geet temple Kotgarh?

985. The”Sayar festival” of Arki was started in the year:

986. The Badwara devta worshipped in th eArki area was a famous personality of Mahabharata period, named:

987. “Hamir Ustab” is a:

988. Which place is famous as”Dharamatrivani”?

989. Which of th efollowing fair is a national fair:

990. Dr. Parmar fair is observed at a place:



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