Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-52

1031. Name the ruler of Kangra, who patronized Kangra school of painting?

1032. Kangra school of painting has roots in:

1033. The central theme of Kangra school of painting was:

1034. The center of Kangra school of painting was:

1035. Arki school of paintings flourished in the princely state :

1036. Chamba painting got royal patronage for the first time during the period of raja:

1037. Smt. Mahesi Devi (from Himachal), who received the National Award for master craftmen in 1965 is related to:

1038. Shri Prem Lal of Chamba was a famous :

1039. In the 18th century A.D Nikka was a famous painter in the state of:

1040. Pandit seu (in the 17th century A.D) of Pahari school was a great painter in the princely state of:


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