Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-53

1041. Manak was the great master of Pahari miniature painting, during the period of:

1042. Which of the following was not the hand made of painter Fattu ( the eldest son of Manak)?

1043. ‘Sajanu’ was a famous painter in the 17th century in:

1044. Guler Baksh, was a famous artist (from Mandi) related to:

1045. Who among the following was not a famous wall painter in the Chamba state?

1046. Who among the following was not a famous painter related to Himachal Pradesh in the modern period?

1047. Shobha Singh Art Gallery is located at:

1048. Chandul Lal Raina is a famous:

1049. The Roerich art Gallery is located in:

1050. Norah Richards was associated with:


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