Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-78

1111. Who became Sharad Sundri in Sharad Mahotsav of Manali in AD 1997?

1112. In Which year Himachal Pradesh government setup  Pahari Kala Museum in Dharamshala?

1113. To promote the Phari Kala, at which of the following places there is no museum in Himachal Pradesh?

1114. Near Sacretariat in Chhota Shimla in which year Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s statute was unvield?

1115. The famous Baijnath temple was built in the year-

1116. “Nakodar”, “Jalidar” and “Khopa” are associated with-

1117. St. Stephens Chruch is created at:

1118. Hailing from district Kangra Gurdas Ram Badan is associated with-

1119. Which among the following from Himachal is not a flute mastero?

1120. Mark the incorrect pair:

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