Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-77

1101. “Mahasu  ki Jatar” mela is organised in the area-

1102. Who wrote the book “Suraj ki Pahli Kiran”?

1103. Made in 2002 AD, the first remix music album of the state was-

1104. Maa Bagulamukhi temple of district Mandi is in Tehsil-

1105. Magru Mahadev temple of district Mandi is in tehsil of:

1106. Goddess blessing with child called maa Simsa has its temple at-

1107. “Peepal Jatar Mela” of district Kullu is organised at:

1108. Trilokpur temple (Sirmour) houses the idol of:

1109. Maa Tripur Balasundari was brought in the shape of a stone(pindi) from-

1110. Who was the architecture of Shimla Gaity theatre?

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