Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-76

1091. When was restriction lifted for foreigners to visit the Kinnaur area?

  • a) 1978 A.D
  • b) 1981 A.D
  • c) 1991 A.D
  • d) 2000 A.D

1092. Out of the 12 Jyotirlingam of Lord Shiva, one is located in Himachal at:

  • a) Bajaura-Kullu
  • b) Baijnath- Kangra
  • c) Gasota-Hamirpur
  • d) Chausari- Chamba

1093. To protect the Karyala art, in AD 2000 National School of Karyala was set up at:

  • a) Shimla
  • b) Bayari(Renuka)
  • c) Arki (Solan)
  • d) Karsog(Mandi)

1094. In which year complete ban was imposed in Pangi area temple on animal sacrifice life?

  • a) 1948 AD
  • b) 1959 AD
  • c) 1984 AD
  • d) 2000 AD

1095. In which district Virbhadra fair is organised ?

  • a) Shimla
  • b) Kangra
  • c) Sirmour
  • d) Kullu

1096. Rayal fair is famous of:

  • a) Jubbal
  • b) Gasonta
  • c) Arki
  • d) Nagrotta

1097. “Himri Ganga” fall is farnaurd of the district-

  • a) Kullu
  • b) Bilaspur
  • c) Mandi
  • d) Hamirpur

1098. Which of the following was the first Pahari video Album?

  • a) Chamchamande Dandru
  • b) Neeru Chalee Ghumdee
  • c) Jeena Kangre Da
  • d) Maharse desa ra dil Shimla

1099. The Saryun fair of Bilaspur is dedicated to-

  • a) Nag Devta
  • b) Pri Payanu
  • c) Gugga Devta
  • d) Hidimba Devi

1100. Himachal Pradesh language and culture academy has renamed the Kangra Kalam award by the name of –

  • a) Sobha Singh award
  • b) Sansar Chand award
  • c) Pahari Gandhi Puruskar
  • d) Masroor Kala award

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