Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs

1. Which of the following temples was built by the Pandavas according to hearsay?

a) Magru Mahadev (Chhatri)

b) Radha Kishan Temple (Dadasibba)

c) Shiv Mandir (Bhoranj)

d)Magru Mahadev(chhatri)

2. Who got Rajiv Gandhi Manav Seva Award  in 2011 , belonges to Himachal?

a) Shanta Kumar

b) Anita Verma

c)Dr. Mallika Nadda

d) Dr. Rajan Sushant

3. Who founded Himachal Swabhiman Party in 2011?

a) Hira Singh Paul

b) Dr, Rajan Sushant

c) Govindacharya

d) Vir Bhadra Singh

4. What is the objective of Public Service Guarantee Act?

a) Free Legal Aid to Himachalis

b) Guaranteeof Government job

c) Time bound Service in Government Deptt.

d) All of above

5. Freedom fighter and Soldier of Azad Hind Fauz Hirda Ram, belonging to district Mandi was the resident of:

a) Sarkaghat

b) Pandoh

c) Sundernagar

d) Mandi

6. Imamuddin, (from Nahan) was famous for:

a) Sculpturist

b) Educationist

c) Musician

d) Social worker

7. LADA stands for:

a) Local Authority of Disposal

b) Land Acquisition and development Authority

c) Local Area Development Authority

d) Lacal Advertisment Authority

8. The youngest Bollywood music director Ms. Shivani belongs to:

a) Kullu

b) Mandi

c) Kinnour

d) Una

8. In which year Shri Renuka ji fair was given the status of international fair?

a) 2009

b) 2011

c) 2015

d) 2005

9. Which of the following is the leading district in flower production?

a) Sirmour

b) Shimla

c) Mandi

d) Bilaspur

10. Freedom Fighter Jagat Bahadur was associated with:

a) Azad Hind Fauz

b) Dandi Yatra

c) Chipka Andolan

d) None of these

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