Himachal Pradesh G.K. General Knowledge Questions-80

1131. Which of the following is not worn around the neck?

1132. Which of the following jewelry is not associated with male:

1133. “Chaku” coin were found in the princely state-

1134. Malana village of Kullu is famous for:

1135″Gephan and Dabla” of Lahaul-Spiti are famous for:

1136. Which of the following crops is not largely grown in the Shivalik hills?

1137. Which zone of Himachal’s territory is most suitable for the cultivation of temperature fruits?

1138. The most useful area for the cultivation of citrus variety of fruits is:

1139. Which of the following zone is best suited for the cultivation of dry fruit in Himachal Pradesh?

1140. At which of the following places in Bilaspur district there is no progeny-cum demonstration orchards?

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