Himachal Pradesh G.K. General Knowledge Questions-81

1141. The largest fish breeding farm of Asia has been set up in district Bilaspur in 1961-62 at a place called:

1142. In which year “Bank of Bilaspur was set” up?

1143. Who initiated the land revenue settlement in Chamba in 1876 AD?

1144. In which year Hop-growing was introduced in Chamba state?

1145. In which of the following places there is no seed multiplication farm in Chamba district?

1146. Where is the public Sector Fruit canning unit in Chamba district?

1147. During the IInd five year plan a sheep breeding farm was set up in Chamba district at:

1148. In which year the Chamba Milk Supply Scheme was introduced?

1149. Where is the carpet weaving center for Tibetans located in Chamba town in:

1150. In which year “State Bank of India” opened its first branch in Chamba?

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