Himachal Pradesh G.K. General Knowledge Questions-81

1141. The largest fish breeding farm of Asia has been set up in district Bilaspur in 1961-62 at a place called:

  • a) Bilaspur
  • b) Mundkhar
  • c) Deoli
  • d) Swarghat

1142. In which year “Bank of Bilaspur was set” up?

1143. Who initiated the land revenue settlement in Chamba in 1876 AD?

  • a) Henry Davies
  • b) Reynell Taylor
  • c) Colonel Reid
  • d) Sham Singh

1144. In which year Hop-growing was introduced in Chamba state?

1145. In which of the following places there is no seed multiplication farm in Chamba district?

  • a) Rajpura
  • b) Thullet
  • c) Ahla
  • d) Dalhousie

1146. Where is the public Sector Fruit canning unit in Chamba district?

  • a) Rajpura
  • b) Chawari
  • c) Pangi
  • d) Churah

1147. During the IInd five year plan a sheep breeding farm was set up in Chamba district at:

  • a) Pangi
  • b) Bhatiyat
  • c) Sarol
  • d) Banikhet

1148. In which year the Chamba Milk Supply Scheme was introduced?

1149. Where is the carpet weaving center for Tibetans located in Chamba town in:

  • a) Chamba
  • b) Pangi
  • c) Salooni
  • d) Dalhousie

1150. In which year “State Bank of India” opened its first branch in Chamba?

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