Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-82

1151. In Hamirpur district there is a progeny cum demonstration orchard at:

  • a) Hamirpur
  • b) Ladraur
  • c) Nalti
  • d) Bhumpal

1152. There is a sheep breeding farm in Hamirpur district at:

1153. Name the raja of Nurpur, who constructed an irrigation channel from the Ravi to Pathankot(1353-97 A.D)?

  • a) Arjan Pal
  • b) Varsha Pal
  • c) Kailas Pal
  • d) Sukim Pal

1154. In which year Tea plantation was started in Kangra Valley?

1155. There is a Tea Processing factory in Kangra district at:

  • a) Nagrota
  • b) Jawali
  • c) Nadaun
  • d) Bir near Palampur

1156. In which year a fruit farm was established in Palampur?

1157. At which of the following places there is a silk seed farm in Kangra district?

  • a) Nagrota
  • b) Palampur
  • c) Shahpur
  • d) Dada-Siba

1158. In which year a Government owned Bee Farm was set up at Nagrota?

1159. Which of the following is not a poultry breed found in Kangra district:

  • a) White leghorns
  • b) Rhode island red
  • c) Rambullet
  • d) White Plymouth rock

1160. In 1973, milk supply scheme was introduced in Kangra district. At which of the following centers, there is no Milk Chilling center there?

  • a) Darkota
  • b) Jalari
  • c) Jaisinghpur
  • d) Dagwar

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