Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-83

1161. In 1962- 63 a Fish-Farm was set up in Kangra district at (a government owed farm):

  • a) Palampur
  • b) Kangra
  • c) Alampur
  • d) Kura

1162. At which of the following places Natural Gas has been traced by ONGC and IBP?

  • a) Jwalamukhi
  • b) Kharli
  • c) Bhagsu
  • d) Dharamkot

1163. “Mica” is found in Kinnaur district at a place called:

  • a) Rangwar
  • b) Asrang
  • c) Tangling Khad
  • d) Charagaon

1164. The deposits of “Gypsum” have been reported  in Kinnaur from:

  • a) Shiasu
  • b) Shialkhar
  • c) Chango
  • d) b and c both

1165. Silver deposits are reported in Kinnaur from:

  • a) Charagaon
  • b) Chango
  • c) Thakthow
  • d) Purbani

1166. Wheat is known in Kinnaur district as:

  • a) Rejat
  • b) Jod
  • c) Oja
  • d) Tho
  • e) All of these

1167. Name the village having distinction of growing “rice” since time immemorial in Kinnaur district?

1168. By what name “Maize” is known in Kinnaur district?

1169. The two trade centers in the ancient Kinnaur were:

  • a) Sangla
  • b) Rampur-Bushahr
  • c) Bhaba

1170. In 1859 A.D people of Bushahr state revolted against the new revenue system introduced by:

  • a) Ragunath Singh
  • b) Munshi Ram Lal
  • c) G. Barnes
  • d) William Hay

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