Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-85

1181. In which year an “Agrarian disturbance” took place in Mandi?

1182. In 1962 in Mandi district, the Improved Agricultural Development Programme was started with the collaboration of:

1183. Sentaroza and Marycoza found in Mandi, are two famous varieties of:

1184. There is an apple processing plant in Mandi district (a unit of HPMC) at:

1185. There are two jersey cattle breeding farms in Mandi district. One is at Kamand and other is:

1186. There is a sheep breeding farm in Mandi at:

1187. Under the Indo-German Programme a dairy development plant has been set up in Mandi district at:

1188. “Gumma” and “Darang” are famous for:

1189. Which district of Himachal Pradesh is famous for salt mines:

1190. The salt mines of Mandi in 1994 were under the control of:

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