Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-86

1091. The first Hydroelectric project in Western Himalayas was located (set up in 1926) at:

  • a) Mandi
  • b) Joginder Nagar
  • c) Pandoh
  • d) Baner

1092. Which is the largest apple growing district of Himachal Pradesh?

1093. In 1955, the Animal husbandry department set up a sheep breeding farm in Shimla district at:

1094. In which year Milk Supply Scheme was started for Shimla district, set up during IInd five year plan at:

  • a) Shimla
  • b) Kamlahi
  • c) Ghanahati
  • d) Chaupal

1095. Which of the followings was the first Hydral electrical power project in Shimla district:

  • a) Chaba
  • b) Nathpa
  • c) Jubbal
  • d) Tattapani

1096. Who introduced the cultivation of potato in Shimla hills(1823 AD)?

  • a) Ellenborough
  • b) Auckland
  • c) Major Kennedy
  • d) Colonel Tytler

1097. In which year for the first time Octroi was leveled in Shimla, to meet the requirements of Municipality(A.D)?

1098. “Lincon Boon Villa” a famous variety grown in Sirmour at:

1099. “Solan Gola” is a famous variety of :

1200. There is a state run food processing unit in Sirmour at:

  • a) Pachhad
  • b) Dhaula Kuan
  • c) Nahan
  • d) Sangrah

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