Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-88

1211. At which of the following places no limestone deposits have been found in Solan district:

  • a) Darlaghat
  • b) Kuthar
  • c) Karadaghat
  • d) Kakkar Hatti

1212. “Gypsum” in Solan district has been found at:

  • a) Kuthar
  • b) Kunihar
  • c) Arki
  • d) Kasauli

1213. There is a”seed multiplication farm” located in Una district at:

  • a) Amb
  • b) Una
  • c) Rekhubella
  • d) Saloh

1214. At which of the following places there is no milk chilling centers in Una district?

  • a) Jhalera
  • b) Gagret
  • c) Bangana
  • d) Pubbowal

1215. What was the contribution of agriculture in the Net Domestic product of Himachal Pradesh in 1950-51?

1216. In which year “Himachal Pradesh abolition of Big Landed Estates and Land Reforms Act was passed?

1217. In which year “Himachal Pradesh Land Holding Act” was passed?

1218. What is the position of Himachal Pradesh among states in the potato production?

1219. How much percentage of the total population in Himachal Pradesh was directly getting employment from agriculture (1991-Census)?

1220. In 1915, how much percentage of the population was getting employment from agriculture?

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