Himachal Pradesh G.K. Geography General Knowledge Questions-89

1221. What is the position of Himachal Pradesh in terms of Ginger production?

1222. Which district occupies the top position in ginger production ?

1223. Which of the following crops has maximum production in Himachal Pradesh?

1224. What was the per capita income in Himachal Pradesh in 1993-94?

1225. In which year the first agricultural census was conducted in Himachal Pradesh?

1226. What was the fertilizer consumption in Himachal Pradesh 1993-94?(in 1960-61 it was 923 Metric tones)

1227. What was the total milk production in Himachal Pradesh in 1993-94?(Lakh Litre)?

1228. What was the total number of small scale units in Himachal Pradesh?

1229. Which of the following is not a broad leaved variety found in Himachal Pradesh?

1230. In which year the target of total electrification was achieved i Himachal Pradesh?

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