Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-90

1241. Mark the incorrect(Sanctuary and Location):

  • a) Kanawar Sanctuary- Kullu
  • b) Daranghati-Shimla
  • c) Churadhar Sanctuary- Bilaspur
  • d) Kais Sanctuary-Kullu

1242. Mark the incorrect(Sanctuary and location):

  • a) Gamgul Sanctuary- Chamba
  • b) Khokhan Sanctuary-Kullu
  • c) Kugti Sanctuary-Chamba
  • d) Lippa Asrang Sanctuary-Lahaul-Spiti

1243. Shikari Devi sanctuary is located in:

1244. Tirthan Sanctuary is located in the district:

1245. What was the total allocation of Eighth Five year plan for Himachal Pradesh(1992-97)?

1246. Which sector had been given top priority under eighth five year plan in Himachal Pradesh?

1247. Mark the incorrect:

  • a) Nathpa Jhakri Project-Satluj
  • b) Fruit Research station-Couts Garden Mashobra
  • c) Lion Safari- Renuka
  • d) Chamera Power Project-Chenab

1248. “Kufri Jeevan” and “Kufri Jyoti” are the two famous variety of:

1249. “An American in Khadi : The Definitive Biography of Satyanand Stokes” is a book on Samuel Evans Stokes written by-

1250. The Biggest fruit research station in Northern India, set up in 1953 AD is located at-

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