Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-91

1251. Kuth- an aromatic and medicinal plant and a perennial root crop exported to Europe, is grown in-

1252. Which place is famous as “The Peach Valley of Himachal”?

1253. Where is India’s first fruit Museum Located in Himachal Pradesh?

1254. Shanan Hydel power house is located at-

1255. Who was the engineer of Shanan Power House?

1256. Bhabha Hydel Project is also known as:

  • a) Indira Gandhi Jal Vidyut Pariyojna
  • b) Sanjay Gandhi Jal Vidyut Pariyojna
  • c) Satluj Jal Vidyut Pariyojna
  • d) Nathpa Jal Vidyut Pariyojna

1257. Kuthed Hydel project is in-

1258. Kashang hydroelectric project (12mw) is using the potential of Kerang and Kashang streams which are tributaries of:

1259. National Highway NH-35 runs through-

1260. Where is famous Kalyani helipad located?

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