Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-92

1261. How many national highways pass through the Himachal Pradesh( 2010AD)?

1262. Which European company introduced tea in Kangra valley?

1263. The farming of fragrant root “Kuth”(Saussurea Lappa) is undertaken at-

1264. Kala Zira i.e. cumin seeds(Bunium persicum), whose botanical name is Nigella Sativa-Linri, is grown in-

1265. Which is known as the potato valley of Himachal pradesh?

1266. Agro- economic Research Center is located in Himachal Pradesh at:

1267. In order to boost agriculture in the state, National Agriculture Technology Programme has been launched in following districts of the state and Agriculture Technology Management Agencies have been formed at:

1268. Which reservoir is famous as “Goldmine” of fish?

1269. When was trout fish farm established in Baspa river of Sangla valley in Kinnaur?

1270. The Himalayan Forest Research Institute (HFRI) is located at Conifer complex in Shimla at:

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