Himachal Pradesh GK Geography General Knowledge Questions-96

1291. The disease Tiforina Diffomince is found in :

1292. The main crop of district Hamirpur is:

1293. Padamshri Kailash Mahajan Hydel Power Project is located on a small rivuret “Sal” in the district-

1294. In which year Angora rabbit breeding started in Himachal Pradesh?

1295. Gadsa training center set- up by Indian Agriculture research  Council (IARC) is associated with:

1296. In Which year Nathpa- Jhakri Hydel project was launched?

1297. In which year forest settlement was execution in Himachal Pradesh?

1298. Who is called the father of Kullu Shawl Industry?

1299. Mahasheer fish farm is located in Himachal Pradesh at:

1300. Ganvi Hydel Power Project is located in the district-

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